Knowledge Management

Customer engagement and decision-making with actionable insights

Most CRMs are great at collecting and storing lots of information, though few ever manage to transform information into actionable insights. We believe driving effective knowledge management across the organisation ensures superior decision-making, supported by:

  • Organise interactions and activities against an individual or across an account.
  • Minimum manual inputs by users when it comes to customer engagement.
  • Eliminating information silos to drive superior decision-making.

InsightsCRM fulfills the need for efficient knowledge management in the capital markets space. From ensuring continuity in client engagements and creating a progressive culture across the organization.

Customer Intelligence

Your customers are important to you; lets drive a stronger connect

Your customers are ever more demanding and discerning when it comes to their needs and objectives. Consequently, efficiently organizing customer data and eliminating information silos becomes critical to promote superior decision-making. Our focus is to drive value in the following ways:

  • Ensure a 360-degree view on a customer at both the individual and firm level.
  • Remove tedium of updating and maintaining client data over time.  
  • Boost the identification and improved targeting of customers.

With InsightsCRM you effectively remove information silos and create a single source of truth across your organization and ensure easy hassle-free maintenance of client data over time.

Customizable and domain-specific Workflows

Intelligent workflows that reflect your business needs and requirements

Every organization has specific deal management workflows that relate to their disciplines and controls. We ensure our clients can customize their deal workflow steps, milestones, and triggers from within the administrative interface, rather than requiring software engineering effort at our end. Our easy to set up workflows, deliver immediate benefits in the following areas:

  • Set up and customize your workflows specific to each transaction type.
  • Set up your prospecting lifecycle based on your specific milestones.
  • Invoke custom fields to capture data the way you want in the system.

InsightsCRM ensures closer collaboration across your organization and addresses your workflow needs.

Relationship Intelligence

Successfully leverage client relationships across your organization

In the world of financial services, each professional guards his/her client relationships very closely. Imagine if such successful relationships at an individual investment professional level can be tapped into for greater success across other areas of the organization. We ensure you get the best out of each relationship in the following manner:

  • Ability to rate your relationship level against each client profile.
  • A system generating relationship rating based on levels of engagement.
  • Support colleagues across the organization to cross-sell capabilities.

With InsightsCRM, each user can maintain discretion while ensuring the best relationships across the organization drives stronger teamwork and participation.

Prospecting Lifecycle Management

Supporting your deal-making capabilities within minimum tedium

When it comes to M&A or private funding transactions, as bankers you run outreach campaigns targeting counterparties that may be suitable participants in the transaction – either as buyers/sellers of an asset or as potential investors. Managing counterparties on a transaction until you have financial closure is critical to the process. We support the prospecting activities in the following ways:

  • Create a set of milestones that reflects your prospecting journey.
  • Track each prospecting activity on a transaction in one place.
  • Downloadable progress reports to the prospecting activities.

InsightsCRM ensures your prospecting activities and lifecycle management delivers you deal success.

Robust set of Third-Party Integrations

Driving high levels of productivity and user level engagement across the firm

Over the last few years, the nature of the workplace has changed considerably. We believe no single application operates in isolation. We provide a growing set of deeply embedded integrations across a selection of popular applications helps to boost productivity and ease of use. At InsightsCRM, our marketplace initiative delivers a range of native integration benefits:

  • Embed a set of popular, frequently used applications into the CRM workflow.
  • Easy to invoke its use at an individual level, with appropriate access control features.
  • Corporate email, click-to-call, cloud storage, virtual meetings, third-party data feeds.

With InsightsCRM unleash another dimension to your productivity ambitions.

Feature rich Native Mobile Application

Never be at a loose end with a set of robust functionalities on-the-go

We understand your desire to stay in touch and engage when it comes to your needs on-the-go. Our native mobile application that focusses on a set of capabilities that you need the most when out of the office (on the road!). Stay in touch with you clients, colleagues, and reference vital customer intelligence; while help you execute a set of tasks and activities.

  • Access customer and firm profiles; visit interactions history and past notes.
  • Execute tasks, send out mail, make calls, insert notes and new tasks.
  • Track deals and roadshows progress and engage stakeholders.

Let InsightsCRM ensure you are never out of touch when on the move.

Robust Roadshow Management Capabilities

Never miss any instance of high-value engagement with your clients

Across capital markets the capabilities surrounding roadshow management cater to the needs of institutional brokers, investment banking and asset management. We bring seamless and specific workflows and business logic to create and manage roadshows, ensuring your clients interests are best served over time.

  • Delivering corporate access and analyst access across your client base.
  • Intelligently prioritize and target your client base and track stats.
  • Book slots, send itineraries, and commit slots to client calendar etc.

Let InsightsCRM seamlessly bring such capabilities to help you deliver high value to your customers.

Proactive Account Planning and Budgeting

Ensure you drive the best value to your customers and drive revenue growth

The uniqueness of the institutional broking business requires deft account management and planning, focussing on client delivery and engagement. Coupled with that you need proactive management and budgeting. Tiering of client accounts to reflect commercial importance or potential, coupled with setting engagement considerations, helps to drive value.

  • Differentiate between high-value and regular engagement activities.
  • Tier your clients based on revenue potential and service level focus.
  • Benefit from a rich layer of analytical output relative to overall client base.

InsightsCRM brings deep domain knowledge of your business planning needs and drives a high degree of accountability.

Content Distribution and Readership Intelligence

Target your customers intelligently and track consumption behaviour

Many of our customer verticals (and specifically institutional broking) deliver investment content to their client base. Our set of robust tools allows you to deliver content intelligently to your clients based on their preferences and priorities. Capturing client preferences and finally tracking their consumption pattern around your content boost transparency and insights.

  • High speed digital content delivery against all saved client preferences on research.
  • Deliver unique links and measure open and click-thru rates on each publication.
  • Rich research library within the CRM allowing for ad-hoc engagement with clients.

With InsightsCRM you can deliver rich content to your clients and drive greater accountability.

Data Security and Compliance

Ensuring global best practices and standards to protect you and your data

We have paid careful attention to ensure total peace of mind when it comes to protecting your account and data within InsightsCRM. With AWS as our trust cloud partner, we ensure from a server-side perspective you have total comfort. Periodic reviews and checks ensure our offering remains reliable, stable, and robust from a scale of use perspective.

  • Latest Transport Layer Security encrypts all traffic between the client and server.
  • Single-Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity servers ensure you are secured.
  • All production services run on an isolated VPC on AWS; public protocols are HTTPS.

InsightsCRM will give you maximum comfort on all your data security and compliance requirements.

Proactive User Support Desk

High-touch user engagement desk to deliver swift resolutions to queries

Our users are our greatest brand ambassadors. We believe managing the user experience both within the CRM suite as well as responding to user queries with quick resolutions, goes a long way to securing their vote of confidence. Our 24x5 support desk is manned by trained product professionals who can address user level queries swiftly.

  • Robust help desk management software, ensuring each ticket gets swift attention.
  • Stringent turn-around-time obligations on the support team to address issues.
  • Ticket escalation protocols that get swift senior level attention at the product team.

At InsightsCRM, we give you total peace of mind when it comes to getting the necessary help from a trained professional.

Powerful Dashboarding Capabilities

Actionable insights when you need it

The difference between information and intelligence is relevance and timeliness. Business leaders should not be expected to sift through clunky reports, trying to find relevant insights with little or no guarantee of success.  InsightsCRM is developed and designed keeping efficient knowledge management and collaboration paramount. With client data smartly organized across profiles and dashboards, you can:

  • Track deals and interactions across all individuals associated with an account
  • Centralize communication across the client account for easy access  

Benefit from timely action and drive deeper and sustainable engagements with InsightsCRM.