Private Equity / Venture Capital

Manage Complete Lifecycle on your Investing and Fund-Raising activities

From business development to sourcing investment opportunities, to the final act of successfully making an investment; use custom workflows and intelligence to drive your commercial success.

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Empower your business development activities to source credible deals

The activities that support deal sourcing requires reaching out and networking and building relationships. All such activities require chronological referencing and the ability to create alerts and follow-ups to drive a regular connect with potential investee companies.

Create an intelligent repository of businesses you put on our radar screen

As a venture or private equity investor, you spend a great deal of time talking to companies and building relationships that perhaps will lead to investors in the future. Such repositories of intelligence become critical when it comes to driving healthy deal flow for your funds and investors.

Run a structured investment process across your teams

Every decision to invest in a company is the culmination of collective effort across multiple stakeholders and decision-makers. From conducting business reviews, to due diligence, to the final Go, No-Go decision leading to a term sheet to the company. We deliver discipline, confidentiality, and discretion within our deal management workflows to aid your success.

Track wins and losses for future opportunities

Track your investment process and evaluation of leads, to either losing out on an investment or passing on an opportunity. Both are relevant for future engagement and tracking as companies go through their fund-raising journey from seed to its various stages of growth capital. All intelligence saved on the company from past engagement become vital sources of intelligence to support future investment evaluations.

Post Investment Tracking and Reviews on a portfolio company

The actual decision to invest opens a whole new world of portfolio company engagement. Firstly, you support the investment and ensuring its success during the lifetime of the investment. Secondly, your engagement is to drive appropriate reporting to the fund (and LPs) on the health and progress at the portfolio company.

Mapping News flow and specific events to portfolio companies

Investment professionals track multiple portfolio companies. There are both internal and external factors that impact the ongoing prospects of a company. News and events as they emerge have impact on both industries and individual companies. We help you associate specific news and events with your tracking on companies.

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