Institutional Asset Management

Grow proactive engagements and assets under management

From proactive prospecting management to grow your assets to ensuring proactive engagement with your existing investors, we cover your workflow needs across your business.

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Work Smarter, Engage Better

Divide work and responsibilities across the board efficiently across regional and centralized teams and track efficiency with a variety of reporting and MIS our platform has to offer.

Drive higher conversions across your prospecting lifecycle

Asset managers to grow assets under management spend long lead times in prospecting mode with targeted institutions. We help your sales team to develop granular engagement with your prospects and build their trust and confidence in your offering.

Eliminate Information Silos across your organization

Create knowledge management best practices across the board, eliminate information silos by enabling better sharing and transmission of these practices and unlock productivity goals for the organization.

Leverage the power of networking

Asset managers and decision makers rely on their network for their deal success. Transform your organization by leveraging the power of social networks. Enjoy hassle-free and automatic contact imports.

Actionable insights around engagement activities

Organize client data into smart profiles to enable greater access and collaboration across the board. Eliminate data silos and redundancy and transform the user experience.

Account level engagement discretion

Ensure emails, interactions, notes, meetings, and exchanges remain accessible only within the (sales) coverage team and collaborators without compromising on either internal compliance norms in your organization or avoid channel conflict.

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